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Never mind the anatomy and foreshortening errors I made; let’s talk about how the Beast Knight isn’t always the aggressive, in-control dominant who’s reducing his partner to a mindless, whimpering mess in the bedroom. (I think we all know that my otaKuro surreptitiously mailed in a vote for Fai D. Fluorite in his Maganyan’s “who do you want to be held by” contest.)

There are some more nsfw nekkid KuroFai sketches from two years ago available for viewing here if you like.



I offer a matching drabble to anyone who draws me tentacle!Kurogane and/or Fai. Just putting that out there. 

You’re in luck! Bottan (aka konnichipuu) drew these a while back.

Some sketches are NSFW.

There is something similar (tentacle sex) I can find via submitted to CLAMPorn - first image in /tagged/tentacles ; however the artist is currently stated as Unknown. And when i checked, the only possible website that appears relevant to might having a source is in what appears to me as Russian.

I know of two others that had at one point in time been on Tumblr, but tracking them through the pages of roleplay would prove quite difficult as they were a couple years ago, I believe.

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