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kanero16 asked:

Gargalesthesia with Kurofai


Gargalesthesia - The sensation caused my tickling.

Send me a pairing (and by that I mean Kurofai) and a word from this post and I’ll write a drabble for you!

Sorry for taking a while, I was out with the fam but i like this prompt so cuuute

Fai wasn’t very ticklish. He would jump or yelp sometimes if someone grabbed or poked his stomach suddenly, but for the most part, he wasn’t affected by it. Kurogane, however, was a different story.

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zelinxia replied to your post“One of my so called ‘friends’ texted me asking if I could loan her and…”
It’s good you are drawing boundaries. Sometimes as much as you care about someone, there are some things where you have to draw a line. And if that’s the only time she contacts you, then that’s not really a friendship.
(Also, is the baby getting sufficient care?)

My folks suggested if any of them ever wanted money again, if I was inclined to help them still, make sure the money was used for the right things by buying it myself instead of trusting they could be responsible sensible human being with cash and not burn it on drugs and stuff. That until I put my foot down, they were just going to continue to use me at the expense of me.

As for godchild… Well the mom is staying at home with her since their release from the Hospital. I’m going to see if I can catch the early bus tomorrow after work so I can check on them.





kuro-spook replied to your post: zelinxia replied to your post:I’m abou…

#FAI ‘D FOR DOM’ FLOURITE TBH one of the best tags i have ever seen thank you for this gift

I don’t think I’m the first person to make that joke or at least I think I’ve seen it floating around somewhere before?? but it is a GREAT AND PERENNIAL TRUTH NONETHELESS and I would like to tattoo it across my face, no jokes

What the hell else does the D stand for, geez. Obviously he earned ‘D’ rank by proving his skills with magical bondage, whips, chains and various other ways of torturing people with sexiness. The evidence is right there in canon, people.

 same though. same.

and no, Reshki, i’ve never seen that elsewhere

I thought I’ve seen that joke before and I poked in my tags. Reikah said something like this a while back! XD

I still must get to writing that fic with the twins, and casually introducing themselves as “My name is Yuui, and this is Fai. Between my brother and I we put the B and D into BDSM.”


Anonymous asked:

Apodyopis! >:) Kurogane undressing Fai please!


Apodyopis - The act of mentally undressing someone

((they all match, roll with it))

Kurogane didn’t make it a habit to oogle people. He gave assessing looks, kept an eye on those he didn’t trust, and watched over those he cared for. He noted details about a person that would help with identification and noticed the way a person moved in order to see what threats they might pose. He did not pay attention to the swaying of hips or the curve of backsides or the way someone looked when they laughed.

Not usually.

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One of my so called ‘friends’ texted me asking if I could loan her and her BF money til Friday so they can pay for his phone and groceries Because they didn’t have any.

I said I’d be willing to buy the groceries, but that was it, and then she backs out saying she really just wanted me to give her the money til Friday to pay for the phone.

This is the same person who asked if I could give her 100$ to buy baby supplies for my godchild and spent it all on marijuana and between then and now asked me to pay her rent for her (originally said 400$ but when I said I could do 100$ she said would 200$ be okay) otherwise her mother was going to kick her 15 year old rear onto the street “and she has nowhere else to go”.

And this is why I don’t have a lot of friends. I am very generous by nature to my friends, I want to help friends out when I can, but THIS, this just makes me feel used, that my personal savings is their little cash bank reserve. “Oh I ran out of money to buy drugs smokes and snacks” “Wait don’t you know someone who has a lot of money? Get her to give you some” “That’s a great idea. I’ll just call her and ask her to meet up with me” I swear this is how they really talk about me. They ONLY ever call or ask to hang out if the want to hang out with me with the intent to extract money from me like I’m some ATM, that they Never intend to pay back.

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